Sydney Tree Services provide tree removal such as Gum tree removal, pine tree removal and palm trees which requires patience and familiarity and therefore clients are better off hiring Sydney tree removal service experts who will deliver a high-quality Sydney tree removal service in a timely manner. No tree too big no tree too small.

We have highly skilled and trained Arborists who offer safe, fast, and affordable tree removal services in Sydney. Request a free estimate from our fully licensed and insured tree removal experts.

Expert Tree Care Services

When undertaking a renovation or development project, it’s important to preserve the environment and mitigate risks by extracting damaged or obstructive trees professionally.

Besides, maintaining a healthy and safe environment around your community and home demands professional tree removal whenever necessary.

Tree pruning
Arborist reports
Storm cleanup
Clearing along power lines
Council works
Emergency tree services

Why Choose Our Tree Removal Service?

We’re the leading tree removal service in Sydney. Our teams are located throughout Sydney. Our mission is to make sure that every Sydney resident can easily access professional and reliable arborist services.

Besides, we acknowledge the importance of hiring a local service. That’s why we appreciate working with the local community. We combine our wide network in the tree removal industry with local experts.

Our professional arborists have vast experience and knowledge in all tree removal services. We support local professionals to keep local neighborhoods, local communities, and local trees thriving.

Our Detailed Process for Tree Removal

Trees vary in shape and size. Also, the location in which they grow varies significantly. Thus, we use an adaptable removal process to guarantee successful tree removal regardless of the circumstances.

From climbing trees and dismembering them to using cranes to extract trees from challenging locations, we possess the necessary experience, tools, and equipment required to handle all kinds of challenges.

We typically use a tree removal team comprising four experts when dealing with huge mature trees.

The team includes two ground crew, a climber, and a reserve climber for emergency purposes. Typically, our team removes huge trees in under 2 hours.

We use the following process to remove trees:

Step 1: Our team conducts onsite safety checks to identify any hazards or obstacles and plan how to handle them before starting the work.

Step 2: A climber will climb up the tree to set up the necessary lines.

Step 3: Upon setting the lines, the tree will be dismantled in several sections with the help of a chainsaw. Each cut segment is lowered carefully to the ground.

Step 4: Any green waste on the site is removed by the ground team. They’ll also do wood-chipping for larger pieces.

Step 5: Upon removing all canopy and branches, the trunk is dismantled in a descending manner until the whole tree is brought down.

Step 6: Any leftover green waste gets broken down using a wood chipper. Thereafter, the chipped waste is removed from your property.

Step 7: The team will sweep the site thoroughly and ensure they leave it cleaner than they found it.



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